An Over The Top Twist Of Basketball In ‘Gasketball’


Do you like Basketball? If yes, great! If not, do you like robots, lasers, teleporters, and gravity defying stunts all mixed in with some good ol’ fashion HORSE? Then Gasketball is right up your alley. Gone are the days of having to cover your man only to end up on your butt and another two points behind. Gasketball for iOS is a basketball game of pure fun.

The developers behind the highly rated Solipskier, Mikengreg (Mike & Greg), are looking to bring another unique genre twisting hit to the mobile market. Yes, the core essentials of basketball are still there, but this is not a basketball simulator. Gasketball is more than just a basketball game.  In fact, it plays like a physics-based puzzle game with a basketball influence.

You’re challenged by a ‘Gasketbot Baller’ who guides the basketball into the hoop with his laser vision. Yes it does feel like he’s cheating a little, but he’s a robot, cut him some slack. The levels can start off as simple as bouncing the basketball off a board and into the hoop; however, they progress into much more elaborate tricks such as sending it through a teleporter, into a switch in gravity, over a chainsaw, off the backboard, and finally – into the hoop.

You’re given a small area in which you can control the basketball before you fling it out and around obstacles till you (hopefully) get it in the hoop. The user has complete control of the ball solely using their finger. If you want to send it a few inches forward or a mile into the air will depend completely on how much force the player uses.

At its core, it’s HORSE with a robot who does much more than setting up shots for you to fulfill. The Gasketbot will destroy your basketball with his lasers if you fail the shot, or if you tap on the basketball knowing you’re going to fail the shot. You can even hit him with the basketball and send him flying. This gives you a sense of interactivity without having to play with another human being. In the full version of Gasketball ($2.99) one can have full access to three other robots as well.

In Practice Mode the player can make their own puzzles with every current item available. This includes (but is not limited to) bumpers, buzzsaw blades, pinball flippers, and conveyor belts. You can then pass your iPad or iPhone off to your friend and see if they can complete your well thought out puzzle.

Gasketball MultplayerFor those looking to go toe to toe with other players, Gasketball offers “1 On 1”, a splitscreen multiplayer version of the game. For those without a friend around, Gasketball also offers online HORSE. The great thing about both of these modes is that they’re vastly different from one another.

In split screen multiplayer the game is set up like a regular basketball court with hoops positioned on each side of the screen as the players attempt to shoot their ball into the opponents hoop as many times as possible before the clock runs out. Once the clock runs out it’s on to the next quarter in which the players are given a different puzzle. At the end of the 4 quarters a winner is proclaimed after a last second battle of unlimited ball shots.

In “H.O.R.S.E” the player spins the “Wheel of H.O.R.S.E” which will land you on certain restrictions such as a 2 bounce minimum; however, the player has the ability to create their puzzles, practice getting the shot, then making the shot in 5 tries before fully sending the shot to a player. If the opponent can complete the shot in 5 tries they will then set up a shot for you to complete in 5 tries. The player with the least amount of tries used will win. Each successful shot is accompanied by a one time replay for the other user to view to not give too much of a disadvantage.

Making a complex shot in Gasketball will give you that feeling you see kids get when making a complex ping pong ball shot on Youtube, yet you just made it through three spinning buzz saw blades and they didn’t.

The free version of Gasketball is available on the App Store now. For those who wish to play the full game, it costs $2.99 and includes every item to use in H.O.R.S.E, all levels, and every future content update. Not to mention the three extra robots you can use that you will surely be spending plenty of time with. For more information on the game visit the official website or check it out on the App Store.