An Innovative Use Of Crowdfunding To Educate


It is quite safe to say that the Video Game industry is often times a rather sexist industry. This is something no one is proud of but stems back to old values and hopefully overtime this will change, but why do I mention this here you ask? Well A Kickstarter started late March has aimed to raise funds for a nine year old girl to go to an RPG Maker camp to develop their very own RPG.

It’s an interesting proposition and as the indie market is all about gamers making games for like minded individuals so a nine year old creating an RPG for children is surly a good thing and the learning experience alone is rather great. Due to many developers not looking at making games for such young audiences this idea could be something rather interesting.

Of course the Kickstarter is quite the strange one overall for this project because you are not so much expecting to get a final product out of it but more to help someone else out, which is rather commendable. Interestingly the community has really rallied behind this project greatly exceeding the requested $829 goal raising so far $23,000 which is very impressive to say the least.

With such an excess of funds raised we may even see full development of an RPG from MacKenzie Wilson although at this stage the direction they intend to take is unclear. I am all for people using Kickstarter in new and creative ways, although is this use out of the remit to what we expect from Kickstarter? It’s difficult to say overall and getting children involved in game design is always a good thing s surely

Be sure to leave your comments below about what your stance is on this project and Kickstarter overall. MacKenzie Wilson’s campaign can be followed on Kickstarter here.

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