An Incredible Year For ‘Incredipede’ Only To Improve In 2013

Incredipede I'm on a boat

Last year proved to be quite a breakthrough year for indie games as a whole as we saw public interest in the indie scene explode. Partly due to the boom in Kickstarter and partly down to the excellent games that came out last year, many of which encouraged many in-depth discussions amongst the general public.

One game that sparked the interest of the popular media was Incredipede from Northway Games. Incredipede gained such wide press due to its rather unique art style that began to see the game at the heart of the debate “can video games be art”. Needless to say Incredipede has amazing art and is a great game overall.

Last year saw Incredipede featured across many different news outlets from our very own Indie Game Magazine to PC Game, and Wired, this game really got the press talking and who can blame them.

Later in the year after the games release Colin Northway put Incredipede up for nomination in the upcoming Indie Game Festival 2013 (IGF). The IGF finalists were just announced last week and in an unsurprising move Incredipede managed to make it to the finals in the category “Excellence In Visual Art”. Be sure to check out the video below outlining the art behind the game:

This was great news for Colin Northway, Sarah Northway, and Thomas Shahan who were the brains behind Incredipede. Over the past few months the team have not left the now complete game alone and have continued to develop it, to better improve its experience as they gear up for the up and coming Steam launch.

Colin Northway noticed that Incredipede did attract a large array of people to play the game, however the retention rate was relatively low. Time and effort has been put into making Incredipede much more pick up and play friendly, encouraging a wider audience of people to play the game whilst retaining more numbers later into the game.

As new developments have been going into Incredipede the Northways have however continued to travel the globe, currently based on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico with Steambirds author Andy Moore. Sarah Northway has also been keeping busy whilst on the road developing a sequel to her popular Rebuild browser and mobile game which pits your strategic might against that of the zombie horde.

It’s been a busy year for Northway Games and with the upcoming IGF 2013 and Steam release it is only going to get more hectic. If you have not played Incredipede yet, you may like to read my review of the game to find out more.

For more information on Northway Games be sure to visit their official site and if you would like to try the demo of Incredipede be sure to check out the Incredipede site.

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