Amplitude Studios Celebrates ‘Endless’ Series with In-Game Specials and Giveaways

For over a year now, Amplitude Studios has been crafting worlds loosely interconnected by their lore – the Endless games. Today, “Endless Day” starts, a celebration event to honor the series’ fourth year anniversary.

Owners of Endless Legend, Endless Space, and Dungeon of the Endless will start encountering special events in each of the titles. Mysteries unfold in-game, and those booting them up might see unusual findings that reward permanently exclusive content in each one. The event has already started, and will work until January 25th. Also today, Amplitude’s Twitter account starts a giveaway. There will be codes handed out for all three Endless titles.

Furthermore, at 12 pm CET (CET is 6 hours ahead of CST), studio founders Mathieu Girard and Romain de Waubert will be live streaming on Twitch. They’ll discuss the game’s development and trajectory and drop hints about future development. Later on, at 2 pm CET, Jeff Spock, narrative director at Amplitude, will be on stream with a quiz challenge for goodies like exclusive t-shirts, artbooks, and signed retail copies of the games. Finally, at 4 pm CET, a game designer from Amplitude will face off against a player in a strategy game of Endless Legend.


Endless Legend and the earlier Endless Space are 4X, Civilization-like strategy games where you lead a nation through the facets of politics, military, economy, and diplomacy. Dungeon of the Endless launched in October 2014 as a rogue-like RPG with team and resource management elements. Both latest games won numerous awards, including the D.I.C.E. Award for Strategy/Simulation of the Year and Outstanding Achievement in Game Design.

2014 has been a great year for Amplitude (and for you thanks to the games we delivered ), and we look at the future with both excitement and confidence (well not overconfidence obviously),” writes Mathieu Girard, president at Amplitude. “We are not short on ideas, and new projects will come up. In fact we have tons of ideas, but we must prioritize to preserve our quality, dedication, and also to keep a company of humane size.”

Take a look at the “Endless Day” splash page for more details on the anniversary celebration, and if you own the games, log in to participate in the special content – or take to social media to snag a free copy from the giveaways.

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