Amirelia – A Puzzle Game With a Focus on Friendship

Making friends isn’t always easy.  With Amirelia, a game that began as a graduate project, and became a commercial indie game by Studio FriendCannon, the developers want people to focus on the experiences and emotions that create such bonds. The game is currently on Kickstarter, with 9 days to go, and is in the works for PC and Mac.

Cooperative exploration and puzzle-solving are the order of the day in Amirelia, where two players each control a character. Using these two characters in dynamic split-screen, players will interact with the world around them, and each other, to build a connection that goes a little deeper.


This connection is represented clearly by a physical rope that binds the two characters together, and can be used to manipulate objects in the environment for puzzle-solving. Looking past the obvious interactions, though, FriendCannon wants their game to “evoke feelings of playfulness, affection, intimacy and connectedness,” in the same way that real-world experiences create and strengthen deep friendships.

In addition, Amirelia boasts multiple paths for players to explore, giving reason to replay and forge even stronger relationships. An original soundtrack will accompany players through their journeys.


Amirelia doesn’t yet have a confirmed release date, although a tentative Early Access date is set for August 2015, with a full PC and Mac release penciled in for October 2015. Those looking to build upon a few friendships with cooperative puzzle-solving can find more information on the game’s website, or follow the studio on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to check out the Amirelia Kickstarter, which has 9 days left for generous gamers to pledge.