Alpha Released For Moon-Controlling Game ‘Lune’


Very rarely do we see a game come along that allows you to play as two protagonists.  Even rarer is the ability to play as both of them at the same time. Lune goes a step further and makes one of those protagonists the moon.

Lune, created in Unity, allows players to control both the moon and a young girl traveling through an unknown land. A playable alpha of the game is available. The girl starts off on a dock, and she can be moved around the game world with the mouse. The moon is high above her, controlled with the arrow keys. The moon can pan left and right, illuminating different parts of the land for the girl to see. In addition, you can zoom the moon towards the player or away, changing the height of the tides and water that surrounds the land.

In the first puzzle, you need to guide the girl to a rock and have her climb over it, but she won’t be able to unless the water levels are almost at her ankles. This seems to make some objects lighter, which allows her to climb over. Are you confused yet? The puzzles in Lune are a bit confusing to get a grasp on at first, which isn’t helped by the game’s frame rate problems running in-browser (which might not be a problem if a download was available).

The game does a good job of connecting the moon and the girl, as they feel more like companions than opposites. A lot of the kinks are still being worked out, as this is only an alpha release, so it’s worth keeping an eye on as development continues.

Lune has a playable alpha available on their website for free, and you can follow the game’s Facebook page for more info.