All The Details On Nvidia’s Project Shield

nvidia project shieldNVIDIA has started 2013 with a bang with the introduction of their latest Tegra processor, but it was the surprise announcement of a new project that has everyone in a spin. In this case, it’s a brand new handheld console with more power than you can shake a virtual axe at.

Codenamed Project Shield, this new device sports a 5-inch screen with a 1280×720 pixel resolution attached to an Xbox Duke like controller with twin control sticks, rear bumpers and a d-pad plus built in speakers. All this runs on the newly announced Tegra 4 chip with an Android OS and the ability to switch to the NVIDIA gaming menu at any time.

So what will you be playing on Project Shield? According to NVIDIA, you’ll be able to download and play anything available on TegraZone or the Google Play Store. You’ll also be able to stream and play PC games directly from Steam (although it hasn’t been confirmed what games will be supported at this point).

The live demonstration showed off some rather impressive 3D visuals, along with some of the other features the console will allow, such as streaming 4K Ultra-HD movies and browsing the internet.



NVIDIA revealed all the tech specs you can handle during their presentation at CES 2013 this past weekend, of which you can find more via the official website. Unfortunately though they haven’t confirmed when we will see the system in stores or what price you can expect to pay for it, but there’s plenty to get excited about even at this early stage. Check out the video demos above and let us know what you think via our forums or in the comments below.

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