All New Japanese Styled Hack And Slash ‘Croixeur’ Now Available


For all you fans of the great hack and slash genre today sees the release of the latest Japanese styled hack and slash arcade game called Croixleur.

Croixeur is a high-speed hack and slash game from japanese developer Souvenir Circ. Taking influences from combat mechanics found in Devil May Cry Croixeur promises to be just as fast paced and equally as fun with a great combo system all inspired by the classic series.

You play as Lucrezia Visconti battling her way through floors of ongoing monsters as part of the Adjuvant Trial. This trial is rooted in history and has been held since the founding of the nation, its purpose is to decided which faction will hold military and political authority to protect the Queen. Where Lucrezia Visconti is fighting for one faction her long-time childhood friend is fighting for the opposition, and you two must now put aside your friendship in this battle where there can only be one victor.

Along with the story mode expect to see two other modes that extend the gameplay greatly. Score Attack mode is exactly as you would expect, you must defeat as many enemies as possible within a 3 minute time limit. Along with score attack there is Survival Mode which is more like a traditional horde mode in which you must fight against never ending waves of monsters.

Along with the three game modes also expect ten different weapons, each of which contain a unique special move. And the ability to achieve 20 in-game achievements really making Croixeur rather good value for money.

Croixeur only just released today and is selling for $4.99, and for what you get this is a very reasonable price. To purchase Croixeur head over to the official site now, although if  you would like to see it on Steam be sure to vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

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