All Alone, Stranded On An Alien Planet: Deserted


Deserted is a 3D action adventure game that lets players explore a vast, uncharted world as a galactic explorer. The game uses simple polygonal graphics to portray a beautiful world, as well as tell a story with few words or details, focusing instead on character development. In Deserted, the player is stranded on the surface of the planet and must explore many different environments within the world’s rich setting, including a history of ancient civilizations with high tech guardians.

Deserted goes through fast-paced combat that is shaped by the player’s decisions regarding crafting and expanding the character’s unique and varied skill tree. Crafting extends to weapons, allowing players to create things like a holo-blade or any kind of firearm and ammunition. Survival on the planet is dependent on the crafting system as well, using glowing materials and resources to craft items for healing, ability augmentation, antidotes, and more. With this, players can explore the world’s many secrets, solve intricate puzzles, and through their choices shape their narrative experience. Players can customize their characters for a personal experience, and can also share the experience through co-operative gameplay with a friend.

Deserted is currently under development for PC, Linux, and Mac platforms, as well as Android and iOS devices. To follow development updates, follow the Zebik Media on Twitter. Deserted is also in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign, an effort to support funding for the game’s development.

I'm a big JRPG fan in general, but games with a good story and great characters are what drive me. It touches the writer in me.