All Aboard the Murder Ship in NightCry


Nothing like getting away from it all, boarding a cruise and sailing the open seas. Sounds fantastic right? Up until the entire thing is ruined by someone getting murdered. It’s the worst, now everything’s ruined. People are blaming one another, panic breaks out. It is at this point where the once pleasant vacation turns into a nightmare, cries echo throughout the ship and the only thing one can do is to try and save those around them.

Players step into the world of developer Nude Maker’s NightCry a 3D point-and-click adventure game. Players will explore the ship, searching for clues to help them. However, they are not alone; a creature known as the Scissor Walker stalks the halls of the ship and it’s actively hunting the player. There are two modes players will familiarize themselves with. The first is Exploration Mode, in this mode players will search the cruise liner of the answers they seek, as well as solve puzzles and follow routes that will lead them to safety. When the Scissor Walker is encountered players switch to Escape Mode (the second half of the game), this will allow them to access traps and tools available to them to slow the walking menace as well as provides them the option to hide.

NightCry is out now on Steam for Windows PC. The game is priced at $24.99 (USD). To learn more about the game and the developer Nude Maker visit the official website.

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