All Aboard the Intrigue Boat – The Ship: Murder Party Gets HD Successor

Released in 2006, The Ship: Murder Party took an unusual shot at first-person multiplayer games. Instead of killing each other barbarically in an arena, it brought players to a 1920s voyage under the patronage of diabolical Mr. X, who desires nothing but mayhem from his guests. There’s an HD makeover version coming titled The Ship: HD.

With a threat to kill family members and the participants themselves should they not comply, the guests are forced to hunt one quarry each on board the ship. Forced to play in the hunt, the players have to use stealth, guile, and any weapons necessary in order to carry out their kill. Tommy guns, baseball bats, umbrellas, it’s all fair game. The craftier and stealthier, the better. But there’s one catch: The game simulates basic human needs for food, drink, and cleanliness, so players can’t forget about those while playing cat and mouse with other attendees.


Screens from The Ship: Murder Party

Blazing Griffin, an indie game studio, acquired the rights to The Ship: Murder Party in 2012. Blazing Griffin brought Jason Kocemba on board, now technical director, who used to be lead programmer on the original game. To learn more about the original title, check out the Steam page, where it’s currently discounted by 75% (down to $2.49).

The real news, however, is that development on The Ship: HD has begun and is slated for release in 2016. Details are scarce, but those interested can check out the announcement page from Blazing Griffin for a message from the creators.

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