All Aboard Bounty Train’s Newest Content Update

Bounty Train 1

Corbie Games has a slightly different take on the Old West, different from the usual cowboys and Indians. In Bounty Train players venture forth to conquer untamed lands on the back of an iron horse. As the name implies, Bounty Train puts players in control of one of the most influential pieces of machinery of the 19th Century: trains. The game takes place in the 1860s and the player is the son of a railroad tycoon who has taken over his father’s business after he has passed away. The goal is to complete your father’s dream of an unbroken rail line that spans across America. However, the former partners have something else in mind and will do whatever it takes to stop the player from achieving their goal.

The game is a mix between strategy, simulation, and rogue-like mechanics. Players have to hire gunslingers, snipers, and other archetypes of the Old West, fend off bandits in real-time skirmishes, look for the best prices when it comes to rating goods, manage their resources, and keep their train and the line in good condition. A new update has added day and night cycles to offer a realistic touch. Tweaks have been made to the in-game economy for smoother transactions. Players can now change the load out of their characters as well as customize train cars. These two features are both aimed at allowing the player to develop his or her own individual play style.

Bounty Train is currently out on Steam Early Access with a planned full release sometime in the second quarter of this year.

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