‘Alice: Madness Returns’ Developer Re-Releases ‘American McGee’s Grimm’


Do you remember when you first discovered how graphic some of the original fairy tales are?  These tales, passed down from generation to generation, seem to continuously be watered down and changed in some way. Spicy Horse Games, better known for Alice: Madness ReturnsBigHead BASH, and Akaneiro: Demon Hunters are now re-releasing the classic American McGee’s Grimm for the PC.


Originally released for Gametap, American McGee’s Grimm turns classic fairy tales like of Little Red Riding HoodPuss In BootsCinderellaSleeping Beauty, and many more into a darker and twisted version of what we perceive them to be, more often than not returning to the original roots of the tale.


In each episode, the player controls a dwarf named Grimm who is on a mission to turn all of the sweet fairy tales of today into the twisted places of origin they first came from. The whimsical and bright visual style adds a lot of character to the sacred cow barbecue as you butt-stomp darkness into the world.


Each episode is available for purchase $1.30 each, or you can buy a volume for $8 or own the entire collection of episodes for $20. You can find them on the Grimm webpage or visit the Spicy Horse website.

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    That looks everything but fun :-/ Another beat em up with bad graphics (old PS2 style, but not yet retro) and no story.