Albion Online Entering Summer Alpha Phase

Sandbox Interactive’s cross-platform medieval style sandbox MMO, Albion Online, is entering its Summer Alpha phase this week. The game offers players extensive character customization with no class restrictions, a player-driven economy, and PvP. The open world action revolves around sieging, claiming, and defending territories.

Albion Online_Theme Image

Since the Winter Alpha, which took place between the months of January and February, Albion Online has gone through several improvements. The latest updates include:

  • Hellgates: Players can enter hell dungeons and engage in PvE fights against demons as well as 5v5 PvP battles. Hellgates only allow groups of 5 to enter a hell dungeon.
  • Factions & Missions: Players can engage in combat, crafting, gathering, and transportation missions for 4 of Albion’s factions in order to receive Silver. Which can be used to buy special faction gear.
  • Anti-Zerg measures: Groups of more than 5 players now appear on the game’s minimap for easier recognition.

For those interested in reading the full list of changes and new features for the Summer Alpha, Founder & CEO Stefan “Bercilak” Wiezorek has published a note in the forums.

Albion Online_Guild vs Guild

Those who are interested in joining the Summer Alpha immediately can do so by purchasing a Legendary Founder’s pack on the game’s official website. Players that have an Epic Founder’s pack will also be granted access starting Tuesday, June 30 at Noon CEST. For more information, check out the game’s official site.

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