Albert & Otto Preview: Help a Young Boy Find His Sister

From the launch of the game, players are – quite literally – dropped into the macabre word of Albert & Otto. Albert’s sister has mysteriously disappeared, and he must work with her magical bunny, Otto, to try to bring her back. However, the game that might seem like nothing but a typical “rescue the princess” story has many more secrets to reveal, and additional stories to tell.

During my playthrough of Albert & Otto, it was initially hard to shake off the Limbo-vibe that I was getting from the game. Soon enough, however, Albert & Otto was telling me an entirely different tale of puzzles and mysteries, and I was enjoying piecing the information together. The deaths in Albert & Otto, I was quick to discover – because I’m really bad at puzzles – are not nearly as gruesome as those in Limbo, if that was a turn-off for any players.

Albert & Otto is meant to be played with an Xbox controller; the buttons in-game are labeled for controller, not keyboard. At first, I was able to figure some of the keyboard controls, but, when it came to firing the gun, I still have no idea what key it was supposed to be; when I used my controller the game worked fine, so anyone interested in the game would need to use a controller to play.


When it comes to Albert’s gun, I quickly came to the realization of two things: First, I have no patience, and second, I’m really bad at aiming for shooting. The goal of one particular puzzle, I later figured out, is to shoot a bird before it notices your existence – that’s where my lack of patience caused me a bit of trouble. The gun reloads after every shot leaving you basically one shot to kill the bird or you’re done for. I was done for many, many times over.

Albert and Otto each have their own special abilities. Initially, Albert can shoot and jump on his own, and Otto can fit through smaller gaps or hold certain switches. Together, however, they can unlock extra abilities. Double jump is only available when Otto is in Albert’s bag. Some lessons in the game are learned the hard way. I set Otto down, accidentally, and jumped off a cliff, which, unfortunately, I needed to be able to double jump to get back onto. Whoops.

Albert & Otto is an episodic experience with the narrative told through the gameplay. The chapters can be enjoyed individually, but as a whole they reveal the entire story of their journey. New powers and skills are introduced during each chapter, which changes up gameplay and slowly reveals more of the mystery behind Albert’s sister’s abduction.


Albert & Otto’s adventure begins on October 28th, 2015, when the first episode launches on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. For more information on the game, follow KBros on Twitter and Instagram, “like” their page on Facebook, and check out their website.