Air Control 2 – Air Traffic Control On A Mobile Screen

Indie development studio Four Pixels recently released Air Control 2, a strategy game that improves upon the original hit game with different features and added challenges.


The goal of the game is to successfully direct aircrafts to land and take off as the Air Traffic Controller for the airport. Those who are familiar with its predecessor will feel right at home, as there is no difference between the gameplay and controls from the original. Four Pixels instead expanded the premise by adding in worldwide locations, allowing players to run airports in several different environments, ranging from the scorching desert to frigid ice-capped mountains. All of these locations also come with different scenarios and obstacles for the player to overcome.


Air Control 2 will also sport many different kinds of aircrafts, including helicopters, Zeppelin airships, and even the SR-71 Black Bird. Planes will need to be directed to avoid disastrous weather and other natural events. In the event of a radio jam, players will need to make quick decisions to avoid any kind of collision. The game also features multiplayer cooperative maps on the same tablet.

Air Control 2 is currently available for free on Google Play for Android devices.┬áTo learn more about this or any other of the Four Pixels’ available games, visit their Google Play page here.

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