Age of Empires Meets High-tech Tanks in Land Air Sea Warfare

If there were no limits to the evolution in Age of Empires, I’m almost sure that a really long match would eventually turn into something close to Land Air Sea Warfare. This real time strategy game made by Isotope 244 puts the player in charge of facing all out warfare in giant tanks, aircrafts, and submarines.

The main objective is to infiltrate the enemy’s base and destroy it. Simple, right? Or not, mainly because the player has no clue of what’s going on in any other part of the map, including on the opponent’s side. Therefore, a lot exploration and observation posts around the map are required to build a decent strategy; but that’s what 4X games are all about. There are three different terrains for planning the strikes and over 100 structures and units to choose from as the player’s empire rises. Of course, defending against the opponent’s attacks with gates, turrets and torpedoes is another major concern during the action.


The technology available gets better with time and exploring. Just like in other RTS games, the player can (and must) invest their resources to research better units and buildings. Also, the randomness of the maps creates unique challenges and battles for every playthrough.

Land Air Sea Warfare is already available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. There’s a free demo for Windows and Mac, and the full game can be bought for U$29,97. The iOS version can be bought for $1,99, and the Android version is available as free demo. (The full game can be purchased after installing the free trial.) The official website has further infomation for those interested.

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