Adventurer Manager Releases, Lets You Guide Heroes to Glory

Too often have we played the typical part of heroes saving the world, but this time, we get to be the backseat driver of fantasy quests. Adventurer Manager has you guiding a pack of individuals through the daily measures of heroism and the inevitable loot and glory it brings.

An evil illusionist, Miraj, dreadfully murders the your parents and vies for control of Adventuria. Starting with creating the ruler, the game’s tutorial brings players up on the first hero you get. Full of diverse races, the game randomizes every individual players will encounter: The options include human, elf, dwarf, drow, and so on. Furthermore, there are 13 distinct classes available, such as paladin, mage, cleric, ranger. Each person comes with unique personality traits that affect gameplay, so greedy heroes affect money outcomes.


As players strategically form parties of four, they can guide them through a dungeon yourself and direct them in combat, using various special abilities. Or, players can send them off on “automatic” adventures and come back later, seeing how they do. Loads of loot drop from every dungeon, giving plenty of micromanaging options for each adventurer. Furthermore, there are equipment crafting, customizing, and university schooling systems to scratch that management itch.

Adventurer Manager has plenty more features, and all that information can be found on Steam’s store page. The game releases today for $9.99.

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