Adventure Puzzler Traverser Gets a Release Date

The inhabitants of Traverser are no strangers to hardship, as the world at large is in pretty bad shape. To begin with, the sun is dead and what’s left of mankind has fled underground, leading to the construction of a city called Brimstone. As if the complete and total lack of sunlight wasn’t enough, an evil organization called Raven Corporation now controls everything, including what’s left of the world’s breathable air. This is the state of living at the start of Traverser, a new adventure puzzle game made by Swedish studio Gatling Goat in association with publisher Adult Swim Games.


The city of Brimstone is divided into two parts: The Upper City is where what’s left of high society lives, and is where most of the breathable air is, while the Lower City is left to survive on a much smaller share. As Valerie, a guard-in-training responsible for keeping the peace between the cities, players will have to infiltrate Raven Corporation to reveal its secrets and uncover the truth behind both the organization and the city at large.


Gameplay-wise, Valerie has access to a Gravity Glove used to manipulate wooden crates and several objects that will help her solve puzzles en route to Raven Corp. At the same time, Flip Stations allow her to travel between the Upper and Lower cities of Brimstone.

Players can check out Traverser on Steam beginning July 9, for PC only. Those interested in knowing more about the game can also follow Adult Swim on Twitter.

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