Adventure-Horror ‘Abducted’ Opens Pre-Orders, Beta Access Available


Abducted is an upcoming horror adventure game from Sunside Games. In Abducted, players find themselves abducted by aliens and taken across the universe. The goal of the game is to escape and find a way back home, but Sunside Games is not going to make things easy. Combined with environmental challenges and extraterrestrial horror, Abducted features a deep storyline that focuses on free-form conversation, allowing players to learn as much, or as little, as they desire. Planned to be released in six episodes beginning this June and releasing every seventy-five days, Sunside Games has opened pre-orders for the first episode of Abducted.

“The vision for Abducted is as an episodic adventure,” explains Richard Cowgill, Abducted’s lead designer, on the game’s Greenlight page. “Not episodes that take years to make, but instead are produced in a rapid, high quality fashion like a modern TV show (Dexter, True Blood, etc). Each episode will be meaty, with its own arc, its own story and construction. There will be a lot to do, see and experience.”

Sunside Games developed Abducted using their in-house engine Radiance, which they previously used while developing Crow for iOS devices. The developers at Sunside Games have over thirty years combined experience in the video game industry, and have worked on titles like the Borderlands series, and the Battlefield 1942 modification, Desert Combat.

Pre-orders for Abducted are being taken on the official website, and buyers have three options to choose from: the Collectors Edition ($39.99), the standard edition ($24.99), or the first episode alone ($7.99). Pre-ordering the Collector’s Edition gets buyers into the Beta tests that Sunside Games is planning to take place in June. Look for episode one, later this summer.

Visit Abducted’s official website, follow the developers on Twitter, and check out the game on Steam Greenlight.


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