Add Some Magic To Your World With ‘Life Is Magic’

LiM Screenshot

Back in 2012, Life Is Crime became one of the rare mobile games to take advantage of location-based gameplay, garnering several million downloads to date. Well, now Red Robot Labs is looking to repeat that success with their lastest location-based mobile game, Life Is Magic.

LiM Screenshot 2

Playing as one of three different classes; The  holy Monk, The electricity slinging Machinist and The flame-wielding Mage. While the game may look like your typical RPG, things begin to change when the location-based features begin to come into play. Red Robot‘s R2 game engine overlays the map over real-world locations, turning local stores into medieval shops, inns and taverns.

LiM Screenshot 3

There’s no shortage of things to do in Life Is Magic. Featuring customizable characters, dungeon crawling, advanced weaponry and spells, as well as the ability to team up with your friends to establish your Magic Tower and turn it into the strongest in the city, or even the world.

LiM Screenshot 4

With a planned release for both iOS and Android as a freemium title, Life Is Magic is a must try for all fans of MMOs, or even RPGs in general. You can keep an eye on the game’s progress either through the Red Robot Labs website, or through the Life Is Magic website.