Action Agent! Explodes Onto the App Store

Action Agent!, now available on the App Store, brings challenging and addicting arcade actions to gamers on the go.

Taking inspiration from challenging games such as Contra, the game harkens back to the days where games could be frustratingly difficult, yet so satisfying when the trial before you was overcome. Gameplay is simple, yet challenging, as you gun-down baddies, save hostages who just want to eat some ice cream, and jump and slide your way past obstacles, earning credits to unlock items that improve the agent’s skills. Trial and error are the tools in the task of mastering levels, learning the most efficient and rewarding routes possible.

As of now, the game features the first chapter and location in the story of Action Agent, which is Downtown. The developer, Box Jnr. – the passionate, one-man team behind the game – does have more locations planned, and hopes to be able to release them as free updates, if the popularity of the game allows it.

Gamers with an iOS device that is looking for a new fun way to pass the time, should give Action Agent! a try. As previously stated, the game is available now on the App Store, for only $0.99.


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