Abomination Tower Wants to Escape to Steam

The retail outlets might be ready for December already, but the rest of us know that Halloween is just around the corner. So it’s the perfect time for you to become familiar with Abomination Tower, a disturbingly funny 2D platformer from one-man Australian developer Adrian Sugden.


The eponymous tower is the setting of the game. A mad scientist comes up with bizarre creations, but if he’s dissatisfied with the results, he abandons them in said tower and leaves them to die. However, one of his creations, the aptly-named Headless, refuses to surrender to the machinations of fate, and is determined to escape. Headless has a unique ability – he has no head of his own, but he is able to find and equip different heads as he makes his way through the tower. As you progress, the various heads are unlocked and made available; each head possesses a unique identity and ability which can help Headless on his trek. The heads are unlocked by collecting eyeballs and completing levels.


Of course, as the screenshots show, escape isn’t just a waltz out the front door. The scientist has gone to great lengths to keep his macabre constructs imprisoned, and the tower is filled with spikes and traps to avoid, chasms to cross, and obstacles to overcome. As a PC game,¬†Abomination Tower can be played with a keyboard, using directional keys to move and the space bar to jump. However, Sugden recommends using a gamepad controller for maximum enjoyment. If you think you’re up to the spooky, surreal, silly task of helping Headless make his bid for freedom, Sugden invites you to try the demo for free; you can use the Unity Web Player, or just download the Windows build.


If you like what you see, be sure to give¬†Abomination Tower an upvote on its Steam Greenlight campaign. Sugden hopes to release the final version of the game in fourth quarter 2014, so keep up with the latest developments from him and Headless on the game’s Facebook, Twitter, and IndieDB page.

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