Abomination Tower Brings Headless Antics to Steam

We already covered Abomination Tower a few months ago, when the game began its Steam¬†Greenlight campaign. Now, after having been approved by the community back in December, developer Adrian Sugden’s game will soon be available on Steam. Abomination Tower is a procedurally generated 2D platformer in which players lead Headless, the result of a crazy scientist’s failed experiment, as it attempts to escape the tower where it has been locked away by its creator.

Abomination Tower features maze-like levels full of traps and obstacles which will prove to be a great challenge even for the most seasoned veterans. As Headless continues its journey to the top of the tower and towards freedom, players can collect eyeballs. Once enough eyeballs have been collected, 10 different heads can be unlocked, each giving the main character a specific bonus or ability. Abomination Tower quickly became famous on the internet due to its rage-inducing difficulty, after a playable Alpha version of the title was covered and streamed by a plethora of internet personalities. Being procedurally generated, levels are never the same and players will end up dying over and over again while trying to clear each stage.


Headless beaten to a pulp by one of the many traps featured in the game

Death brings Headless back to the beginning of the level, where the maze then changes and new traps and deadly spikes arise. The game is produced by¬†Amethyst Quarter, Sugden’s one-man company, and is the studio’s first commercial release. Launching on Steam on February 13th and available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, Abomination Tower has been designed and developed by Sugden over the last 12 months and is built using the Unity Engine. More information about this title can be found on its Steam page, or by following Adrian Sugden on Twitter.