AbleGamers Partners with Design by Humans for Exclusive Tees

Gaming is obviously a popular pastime, with console, PC, and mobile gaming becoming more accepted by a large part of the population. There are those who may want to engage in some good ol’ fashioned button-mashing, but are unable to due to disabilities such as deafness, blindness, or physical obstacles. AbleGamers is working to change that, combining research for new methods of inclusivity with awarding accolades to companies who recognize that gamers are a diverse crowd with a myriad of needs.

IGM has spoken about AbleGamers before, when they’ve awarded games for their accessibility options, when they paired up with Harmonix at PAX East 2015 for charity, and also when we raised money for them as part of our Anniversary Humble Bundle. AbleGamers’ goal is to make gaming as accessible to as many people as possible. Through donations, items such as controllers that can be used with one hand and trackers that can control games through head movement are on the horizon. Those who stand to benefit range from those born with physical disabilities to those who’ve become disabled through circumstance.

tee shirt design

Always on the lookout for new ways to raise money for their cause, AbleGamers just announced a team-up with Design by Humans to offer an exclusive tee shirt design. The current design is the first of what is hoped to be many shirts, which will be on sale for 30 days on Design by Humans, as well as at select conventions. There are 27 days left for this first shirt’s order, and AbleGamers has set a goal of 500 shirts at a price of $24 each. All of the net profits will be donated to AbleGamers’ grant program, which helps to provide the technology mentioned earlier to children and adults from all walks of life; veterans are among this group of beneficiaries, as well. Design by Humans is excited to be working with AbleGamers, with Trey Schwartz, the Gaming Business Development Director stating, “We’re honored to be able to share in what they do to support those with disabilities within this community.”

Those interested can pick up the first exclusive design for $24 here, and be on the lookout for more designs in the future via the AbleGamers DBH store. You can follow AbleGamers on Facebook, Twitter, and even Flickr to keep track of all of their efforts and presence at conventions. Design by Humans is on Facebook and Twitter, where they feature new artists and designs regularly.

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