AbleGamers Foundation Laboratory Open House on July 5 – 6

The AbleGamers Charity will be opening its laboratory of specialized assistive technologies to any gamer with disabilities in the Washington DC area for 24-hours, allowing disabled gamers to try the various options available to help get them back into a pastime they enjoy, no matter their disability.

“We want to open the doors and let anyone who wants to investigate the possibility of using assistive technology to play video games to come down to the headquarters and see what’s available,” said Craig Kaufman, Principal Events Coordinator. “We’ll be doing demonstrations, playing games and helping people fill out applications for grants right on the spot.”

There will also be a 24-hour streaming event coinciding with the open house that will allow gamers with disabilities who wish to join the team and play, to do so then and there.

AbleGamers will also be unveiling “The Wall”, which is an entire shelf-filled wall that is filled with items from developers, which is a project headed by AbleGamers Secretary of Gaming, Troy Hewitt. “Game devs collect so many one-of-a-kind items that sit on shelves, desks, or worse, live in boxes in the attic,” said Hewitt. The items are placed upon the shelf behind the streamers of the AbleGamers channel, and once it gets full, old items will be pulled off to make room for new ones, at which point the old ones will be auctioned off, and proceeds will be put towards the support of gamers with disabilities.

The 24-hour open house begins at 12pm July 5 and will last until 12pm July 6, EDT. It is located at the headquarters of the charity: 179 E Burr Ave, Suite J, Kearneysville WV. Those that can not make it to the open house can tune in over at Twitch, or sign up now and make a team to start raising money for AbleGamers Driving Home Accessibility.

For more information on ways to get active and provide support for this noble cause, head on over to the AbleGamers website.

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