A Promotion is in Order

Over the last few months, I have been conducting a search for a qualified candidate to fill the vacant Editor-in-Chief position here at IGM. The plan was for Vinny and I to hold down the fort while I made the rounds.

As I did my work, I noted something. The writing staff was functioning as smoothly as it ever had been, we were meeting our soft deadlines and all the while we were still gaining momentum toward the upcoming April release of the Magazine. I was busy searching and doing my normal duties, so it wasn’t me…

Therefore it just made sense for me to offer the position of Editor-in-Chief to Mr. Vinny Parisi. Effective immediately, Vinny will become, officially, the leader of our editorial and writing team in addition to his normal roles. As we discussed it, Vinny pointed out that this ends up being just a title change for him since he was doing the role already anyway.

So let me be the first to congratulate Vinny on his promotion. Well done Vinny! Thanks for making IGM awesome for our audience, staff and even myself. It has been a real pleasure watching you go from a writer to Community Manager to Editor-in-Chief.