A House of Many Doors Employs Poet-Journalists for Adventure

Dr. Grindylow’s Exotic Goods, Skincandle Market, Crossward’s Intercellar Essentials – those are some of fascinating names of places to encounter in the story-driven exploration game A House of Many Doors.

The main character mysteriously wakes up in the House – or maybe he or she was born there. A malleable narrative unfolds in front of the player, who can be a cunning lawyer, a spirited adventurer, a rough brute, and many other types. The House itself is a paradoxical world, a seemingly-living environment that is said to leech off of other worlds. As a determined explorer driving to answer a burning question, the player sets out to explore the House’s mysteries while riding a walking mechanical train.


Exploration leads to many random encounters, events, and discoveries, experienced primarily through text, and usually with some form of player choice. Fans of action won’t be disappointed to know that A House of Many Doors will have some tactical combat whenever a hostile train clashes with the main character. The fruits of adventuring labor result not only in cash for fuel and upgrades, but experiences that lead to writing poetry. A House features procedurally-generated poetry that the adventurer sells to gain fame and reputation in towns.


While A House of Many Doors has an ongoing crowdfunding campaign, the promotional pre-alpha demo is free to try out before deciding on pledging any money.

The Kickstarter campaign for the narrative exploration game already surpassed its goal of $6,158 USD. The creator, Harry Tuffs, openly describes how much money he needs and divulges the fact that he received a £12,000 contribution from Failbetter Games, an indie developer studio who made Sunless Sea. The Kickstarter money is intended to be used for producing a soundtrack and hiring an artist.

A House of Many Doors is also knocking on Steam Greenlight‘s door. You can follow Pixel Trickery on Twitter or visit their website for more information and updates.

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