A Hare In My Yard – The Age-Old Farmer Vs. Man In Rabbit Costume Story

Indie development studio, Idea Moose Entertainment, recently revealed the trailer for their upcoming game, A Hare in my Yard. The game is heavily inspired by old-school gameplay and retro graphics, with the developers attempting a modern version of these classic mechanics.

A Hare in my Yard puts players in control of Farmer Dude, who must protect his crops from his neighbor, Rabbit Man, which is really just a man in a rabbit costume, living underground. Farmer Dude does this by replacing blocks of dirt above Rabbit Man, stopping the crops from being stolen so easily. Rabbit Man also has friends that can dig through the dirt, or knock Farmer Dude over with dangerous attacks. To counter this, players can purchase items and call for help. This helps comes in the form of Granny Wheelbarrow, who can easily replace the dirt, and Farmer Dude also has a scrappy chicken that can fight and delay Rabbit Man for a little while, too.


A Hare in my Yard is currently being developed for iOS and Android mobile devices, with an expanded PC version in the works. For more information, gamers can follow the developers on Twitter or visit their Facebook page. Do you feel like getting your hands dirty?

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