A Golden Wake Developer Announces New Game – Shardlight


Francisco Gonzalez (of Grundislav Games) announced a new game project at the Adventure Expo in London this past week entitled Shardlight, in collaboration with artist/designer Ben Chandler. Gonzalez took to the Adventure Game Studio Forums to reveal screenshots from the game, and a glimpse into the story.

lxRbIJbDue to a fatal bombing, the world has spiraled into post-apocalyptic circumstances. Resources are scarce, and strictly controlled by a corrupt government of Aristocrats. The people have been consumed by a plague that requires a vaccine to fend off; the wealthy are regularly vaccinated while the poor squalor and suffer. You follow Amy, a girl who’s never seen the world before collapse. To make ends meet, she works for Caigula – the Ministry of Energy. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she discovers a terrible secret the government is keeping, that could also be the answer to uniting the oppressed, and finding a cure to the plague.


The game will be published by Wadjet Eye Games in late 2015. Wadjet Eye also recently published Gonzalez’s first commercial release, A Golden Wake. No platforms have been specifically announced yet, but it’s safe to assume PC, Mac, and Linux based on Wadjet’s distribution of A Golden Wake.

If you’d like to find out more information about the developers of Shardlight, you can follow Gonzalez on Twitter here, and Chandler here.

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