A Dark, Open World Awaits in Wave of Darkness

Dreamatrix Game Studios recently released their successfully crowdfunded open-world “Hack’n’RPG” game Wave of Darkness through Steam Early Access. Players can dive into the gritty fantasy world of Narr, an expansive land touched by dark magic and deadly cults. Wave of Darkness boasts a non-linear journey of locales that ranges from dungeons and cemeteries to flying islands. Players can meet NPCs, complete side quests, and fight dangerous monsters said to total over 70 hours of gameplay.

Entry to the Catacomb

Wave of Darkness promises no hand-holding, deep and engaging gameplay, and a complex, hardcore experience for fans of classic RPGs. Characters who begin the game as a sword-swinging melee king can morph into one that has a more magical flare, as players are offered the opportunity to blend and experiment with classes without limitations. However, the monsters will not take it easy on the unprepared. Players must summon creatures and elementals, trade, build a reputation, and find a way to please the gods to survive.

Wave of Darkness also includes features such as crafting normal, magical, special, empowered, and blessed items; a system of divine sacrifices, spell generation using runes, and more than 35 skills based on combat, devotion, creature lore, crafting, gathering, and resistance.


Wave of Darkness is available right now for Windows on Steam Early Access for $29.99 (it’s 30% off until June 30), and interested gamers can find out more on the Dreamatix website, or follow the team’s exploits on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • The game looks awesome, but I gotta say it: The marketing strategy used here is so effective that I actually chuckled once. It’s like you’re being seduced into playing the game, literally.