‘8-Bit Rally’ Review – Smoking Hot 8-Bit Racer

8-Bit Rally brings back memories of old school arcade games such as Outrun. As a classic racer, it’s easy to learn, while retaining  the amount of difficulty hardcore fans love. This game has three difficulty settings, giving even the “non-gamers” a shot at this game without breaking their iDevice. A classic arcade-styled racer, like this one,  features multiple terrains and environments. The gameplay remains simple: pass all the other A.I. racers in the allotted time (recorded in laps), and the closer you are to first, the bigger the prize money. It’s very similar to Grand Prix Story, but in this case, you take control of the racer.

Each race consists of various amounts of laps, which you compete for first place, starting from two to five. Every time you pass an A.I., you achieve a bigger cash prize at the end of the race. With the money, you can purchase a new car or upgrade your current one. There are a variety of upgrades including nitro, drift, and speed boosts. In addition, there are new cars that you can purchase with pre-upgraded stats. There are two control options, touch and tilt, which provides accurate and precise driving, even when playing in on the road. Even though accelerometer controls doesn’t work well in some games, the controls were accurate and precise throughout the game.

The idea of the game is both simple and minimalist, but still providing tons of fun and entertainment. During the campaign, after each race, you travel to a new locations every time, bringing new topography with interesting scenery. The whole game is pretty long, and it encourages replaying a few levels to gain a higher position (for bigger cash prizes). The soundtrack had a nice chipmunk tune, which was pleasing to my ears. The music went nicely with the game, and I didn’t have a problem with it. The graphics are detailed and crisp, even though it is in 8-bit.  I found the landscape simply stunning, both intricate and visually pleasing. This game is surly entertaining and I recommend it to almost everyone.

For more information on 8-Bit Rally visit their official website. The iOS version can be found at the App Store, universal for iPhone and iPad for $0.99.

[review pros=”Detailed graphics, pixel perfect, universal support, and wonderful soundtrack” cons=”Too little money provided and one mistake could lead to a restart” score= 80]


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