‘7 Grand Steps’ A Unique New Digital Board Game Well Worth Playing


With the IGF 2013 rapidly approaching now we are starting to see developers who are involved in the event push their games more into the public domain, which is great as the competition has so many awesome title in it more people need to know about them.

The finalists were announced just last week and from the long selection of great games we saw a pick of arguably the best games in the list, within this list was 7 Grand Steps which really is a very strange and different new game.

7 Grand Steps is a board game styled video game that has you play through the ages, with the main aim being to keep your family line alive. It is a very strange and different game but it has a lot of nice and innovative mechanics that work well together to deliver a somewhat inspired new strategy game.

You begin the game with a male and female in your family and must take them forward into lands of new opportunity. Along your journey you will have all manner of obstacles to overcome on your quest to preserve the family line.

If battling through the ages was not hard enough you have other computer lineages to compete with, only the most successful family will survive but will it be you. 7 Grand Steps has a very interesting interactive narrative that adds a great deal of depth to this game.

If you are a fan of strategy or board games 7 Grand Steps will be for you and contains a very compelling story that tried to put the world around us in perspective. 7 Grand Steps has a demo available for you to play on their official site, you can also find out a bit more about the game and how it plays.

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