4-Player Cooperative Digital Board Game: Space Food Truck

Space Food Truck is a 1-4 player cooperative digital board game and culinary adventure under development by One Man Left Studios. The game follows a culinary spaceship crew as they travel the galaxy, avoid and survive dangers, and bring delicious food to the rest of the galaxy.


This is essentially a deck-building game built for four players on a digital platform, though it offers a team of fewer players to control more than one character. The game challenges the crew to successfully complete all of their recipe objectives before their ship is torn apart by the natural, and unnatural, phenomena of the galactic cosmos.

Can the crew survive a planetary bombardment? A raid from space pirates? The return of that thing that lives in the ship’s vents? Only time will tell as players take on the individual roles of the Captain, Chef, Scientist, or Engineer. Each has an integral role to play on the ship, and collects their own deck of item and ability cards to play. The Captain determines the path to take along star routes, while the Chef cooks the various recipes. The Scientist can research various abilities for the team, and the Engineer is responsible for repairing and upgrading the ship to survive the many elements.


Space Food Truck will be released on Nov 24th on Steam Early Access for PC, Mac, and Linux. To learn more about this and future One Man Left Studios projects, follow the team on Twitter or “like” the game on Facebook.

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