3DS JRPG, Stella Glow, Gets American Localization

It was recently announced that Stella Glow, the 3DS-exclusive JRPG title from imageepooch (developers of Luminous Arc), will be localized for American distribution. This announcement quells the longing of fans begging for a Western release.

Stella Glow puts players in control of Alto, who will gather the witches of Regnant Kingdom in an attempt to stop the path of destruction caused by the game’s antagonist, Hilda. The battle system will be conducted by the magic of song, and players will essentially sing their enemy’s demise. This single-player title is being localized and published by Atlus, known for many popular JRPGs, such as the beloved Persona series. Not a whole lot of translated game content can be found online yet, but the Japanese trailer can be found above, giving a rough idea of the gameplay and cutscenes. However, with the game being slated for a 2015 release, more localized content is sure to be available soon.


For more art and game content, the Stella Glow Twitter will share updates on the project. The Japanese site can be found here, which contains cast and story information in Japanese. To stay up to date on localized content, the Atlus’ US Twitter will be sharing information as it is revealed.

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