Monthly Archives: May 2014

IGM Forum Finds: Clamber for Android

Clamber, the first game by FunLittleGames, takes you on a climbing adventure through trees and rock valleys, around enemies and obstacles, using a fuzzy little creature with two legs. If that sounds ridiculously simple, that’s..

Apocalypse Cow – Parody Action Platforming

Apocalypse Cow is a game on the horizon by Monster Games LLC that is equal parts action-platforming that requires precision, and parody mash-up of both video games and movies. The game will also have lots..

IGM StreamTeam Spotlight – Mirrormask

IGM Presents… The StreamTeam Spotlight! In this weekly webseries, we invite members of our IGM GamePlay StreamTeam to come and join us while we get up to hijinx in our favorite indie game! Come watch..

Skyline Skaters Gets a Rio Update

The iOS and Android endless runner Skyline Skaters is keeping up with the times, and in line with the Brazil World Cup, is getting updated with a “Rio Update.” In this fast-paced 3D skateboarding game, players race..