Monthly Archives: March 2014

IGM Forum Finds: Save Looma

If you’re looking for a new outer space adventure featuring a cuddly orphan alien, Save Looma might be just what you need. 2d6 Games, a one-man developer based in the United Kingdom, recently launched the tile-based..

IGM Forum Finds – Diving Kitties

Adorable and ridiculous – those are the first words that come to mind upon discovering Diving Kitties, a whimsical mobile game for Android and iOS. The two felines, Kaikai and Jinjin (such cute names :) )..

Gunplay Bets on 2D Sci-fi Complexity

Shocknights Studios’ newest game is called Gunplay, a sci-fi 2D platform shooter. It’s not just any old 2D game, going beyond the typical jump and shoot buttons while defeating enemies and doing some platforming. To start..