Monthly Archives: August 2013

Search for… ‘Polygon Storm’

Search for… is a series which champions mobile hidden gems you may not be aware of. Regardless of platform, age, or popularity, if a mobile game is worth digging for we’ll feature it here. Game: Polygon..

Tom Plays – ‘Capsized’ Episode 4 Level 6

  A particular potbellied alien species gives Tom some trouble in the fourth episode of Tom Plays Capsized. Capsized is available now for $9.99 on Steam and Xbox Live. Be sure to subscribe to..

Indie Intros: ‘OilMan’

Out of all the wide and varied range of topics that games focus on, OilMan, a brand-new social strategy game for iPhone and iPad by up-and-coming indie studio Plum, is probably among the most unusual. As you’ve probably already ascertained..

‘Dash & Bash’ Review – Beat That Beaver!

Classic video game heroes used to have rippling muscles and swishy hair, but not so in the latest side-scrolling arcade game by Touch.Play.Repeat,  Dash & Bash. Dash is a beaky, yellow duckling who loves to..