Monthly Archives: July 2013

Indie Links Round-Up: Great Outdoors

That Dragon, Cancer, Oknytt, Beatbuddy and more excellent games in today’s Indie Links. That Dragon, Cancer gameplay footage surfaces in new video interview (VG247) “That Dragon, Cancer is a Develop Indie Showcase 2013 finalist, and..

Developer Chat – Randy Ficker on ‘WarLight’

WarLight is a free multiplayer strategy game where players are tasked with conquering the world. Easy enough, right? Well, with some turn-based strategy titles, learning the rules and mechanics of the game can seem to..

Dev Links: Pick Your Poison

Featured in today’s Developer Links: Overgrowth, AI War and Joe Danger. Diversity and Inclusivity in SpyParty and the Beta Community (SpyParty) “When you’re making an online multiplayer game, you have to worry about the community..

Indie Links Round-Up: A Mother’s Touch

Today’s Indie Links feature articles on Sony, Romino Games and Spiderweb Software. Goodness Me: Spiderweb Software Is Twenty (RPS) “We’re a couple of days late with this, but I felt it really deserves a mention. Spiderweb..

Developer Chat – Matt Hackett on ‘Crypt Run’

Death is just the beginning in Lost Decade Game’s upcoming hack-and-slash roguelike, Crypt Run. With a Kickstarter campaign running through the first week of August, Lost Decade Games hope to make their goal of $5,000..

Dev Links: Sunshine State

Today’s Developer Links include articles on The Witness and SpyParty. Introducing Raev (Made By Pixelate) “Without the vibrant Ruby open-source ecosystem I would not have been able to develop Promoter by myself. It uses over 45..

Indie Links Round-Up: The Right Direction

Sony and more Sony on today’s Indie Links. Sony boss: “the Steven Spielbergs of our industry” are indies (VG247) “SCE America boss Jack Tretton believes the indie scene is responsible for the superstar creators of the..