200% Mixed Juice – Low-Pulp Fiction

200 Percent Orange Juice logo

Fans of 100% Orange Juice, or any of the Orange Juice games, will be excited to hear of the impending release of their tenth-anniversary game: 200% Mixed Juice.The new game celebrates the entirety of the Orange Juice series with a classic RPG game that brings together many of the Orange Juice characters.

The game puts players in control of the “Sleeping Princess,” a character who lives in the space between worlds created by Navi. Navi – a fairy who probably doesn’t say “Hey, listen!” for legal reasons – built these other worlds just for the Princess, so that she wouldn’t get bored. But now the Sleeping Princess is waking up, and she will have to adventure through these worlds to discover… something.


Not much else is known about the game, beyond its status as a classic RPG and the fact that it will feature lots of returning Orange Juice characters. We are also told that the game has “cutting-edge graphics to amaze your friends and neighbors with,” as well as more than 80 characters to meet, greet, and possibly beat.

Those who can read Japanese can check out Orange Juice’s website, but those who can’t can find out more about 200% Mixed Juice from Fruitbat Factory’s website; they’re the company that does localization for Orange Juice. There, you can pick up a pre-order for Mixed Juice at the special pre-order price of $6.29 USD (the normal price is $6.99). The game doesn’t have a set release date yet beyond sometime this year, but we recommend watching the Fruitbat Factory site and the game’s Steam page for updates.

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