200% Mixed Juice is Now Served up on Steam

Ten years can feel like a long time to wait, but that doesn’t mean the wait isn’t worth every second. 200% Mixed Juice is the 10th anniversary release of Orange Juice. This fresh-squeezed adventure has just recently launched on Steam with a brand new mix of characters from Orange Juice.


Navi, a little fairy, has created many different and entertaining worlds for the sake of a sleeping princess who was looking for something to do. Ranging from school life to airplanes to endless wars, each world is something new, and 200% Mixed Juice is all about the princess waking up and starting her adventures. Players take on the role of the sleeping princess and embark on many different quests.

With over eighty unique characters, players have plenty to befriend and even more to battle. Graphics have been upgraded for the new anniversary release, and there’s a new digital soundtrack to match. Fruitbat Factory has worked hard to integrate an online multiplayer experience into the game in a “seamless and effortless” way, and project lead Jakke Elonen is “excited to see the wacky battles that will unfold.”


For those who have previously purchased 100% Orange Juice, a purchase of 200% Mixed Juice will immediately unlock a bonus version of Marie Poppo in 100% Orange Juice. She comes with a new Hyper Card called Subspace Tunnel to use in game.

200% Mixed Juice is available for Windows PC via Steam for $6.99 USD. For more information on the game and Fruitbat Factory, check out their website and blog, follow them on Twitter, and “like” their page on Facebook. Orange Juice, the original Japanese developer of the game, also has their own webpage.