1849: Nevada Silver – Join The Silver Rush This Month

We’re here with some early news about an upcoming expansion for 1849,  simulator game about the gold rush. SomaSim has just announced 1849: Nevada Silver, an expansion to the game which originally released in May. The expansion is set during a rush for silver in the Comstock Lode, set 10 years after the original game.

SomaSim intends to build on the original gameplay by using more complex scenarios and challenges. The expansion will be set in six Northern Nevada towns, and will feature many technological advances, such as trains and steam-powered mills, to add a new level of difficulty and overall depth to the game. All the while, players will need to work to create a steady flow of mined silver in order to earn enough money to support and expand their operations.

1849: Nevada Silver will be available for iPad as an in-app purchase for $1.99, as well as on Steam for PC and Mac as a DLC upgrade for $3.99. The expansion is set to be released sometime this month, so stay tuned for more information! Additionally, gamers can follow SomaSim on Facebook or Twitter.

What improvements or features do you hope to see added to 1849? Leave your comments below!

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