‘Zombie Tales’ – Create Your Own Zombie Adventure

Zombie Tales

One day while browsing around trying to find some indie games to cover, I happened to stumbled upon an iOS game called [tesseract] by Douglas Warouw. I was blown away by how solid and console-like the game was overall, despite just being an Alpha release. Currently Warouw is taking a short break from [tesseract] to enter into this years Ludum Dare October Challenge. The goal? Finish a game, take it to market, and make $1!

Keeping up with the festivities, Warouw’s title is a zombie game titled Zombie Tales. He’s blogging everyday (literally every single day!) of development since he began late at night September 30th. He just recently released the first trailer for the game and it has some unique gameplay aspects we haven’t seen in shooters before. While there will be common items such as health packs, there’s a conservation element within. Every shot you take costs money, typically around the $5 mark from what I’ve seen so far. However, if you land a kill on a zombie you’ll earn much more. In one of his development blogs he showed off a distant kill which earned him $50.

For those familiar with [tesseract], there will be many similarities with Zombie Tales. Warouw is taking the gameplay mechanic that inspires people to create, rather than just consume, and putting it in Zombie Tales, adding a whole realm of possibilities. Not only does the level editor allow users to create their own levels, but you’ll be able to add your own story as well.

For more on Zombie Tales visit the official website where you can follow the development every day. There’s lots of screens and gameplay footage so I suggest you check it out. If you’d like to follow Douglas Warouw and be updated on all his latest projects be sure to check him out on Twitter.