150 Points To Love is Colorfully Weird

Ever wondered what would happen if Nyan cat had a meaningful relationship with Geometry Dash? No? Well like it or not, Jumpersize has answered your curiosity by creating 150 Points To Love for, a little piece of 90’s inspired eccentricity Android platforms.

nyan 1150 Points To Love at first appears to be a run of the mill endless running game including the now-standard ‘tap the screen to jump feature’ that’s common to most if not all mobile endless runner games. You take control of what appears to be an adorable rodent with a blackbelt on his forehead and a dire need to get from point A to point B as fast as possible. Speed is key, as is the case for most runners, and that is definitely something that applies here as well.

However, it’s once the running actually begins when the mundane ends and the crazy takes its comfortable spot. 150 Points To Love will see players jumping knives, watching retro Gameboys leave rainbow streaks across the screen, or even donning Batman’s cowl and grabbing a lightsaber to do battle. It’s more than a little out there, with the intention of keeping players entertained.

150 Points To Love is available now on the Google Play store for $0.99 cents. For more information, make sure to check back with IGM for the latest, and leave your comments down below!

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