‘Ursa Hollows’ Will Make You DAWWW!

Ursa Hollows

Ursa Hollows is a free-to-play simulation game where you control your own mountain top filled with cute fuzzy bears. While real life bears are actually not that cute and The Indie Game Magazine does not endorse you get anywhere near them, the ones in Ursa Hollows are. These bears will not eat you alive until you eventually pass out and wake up again to then just see you still being eaten alive, but this time by even more bears.

Instead, Ursa Hollows is all sorts of cute overload. Here you’ll breed and unlock new types of bears, feed and train them, and then level them up so they can produce more gold. Gold will be used to expand your hollow and create an awesome place for them all to live and compete for awards in the arena.

Carvine Software, the developers of Ursa Hollows, is a very small team consisting of only two employees and a single contracted artist. Carvine is dedicated to making high quality games through time and hard work to compete with the larger developers out there.

Ursa Hollows is expected to launch soon for iPhone and iPod Touch so keep an eye on the App Store. Be sure to checkout the gameplay trailer embedded below and keep up with Carvine Software on Twitter and Facebook.