Attack of the Labyrinth, Co-op Radial Shooter

Indie developer Timedrop Studios recently released the demo for their co-op dungeon-crawling title, Attack of the Labyrinth (or AotL if you prefer). The chaotic action gauntlet runner may look simplistic at first glance, but the..

Valiance Online Server Stress Test This Weekend!

Following in the footsteps of MMO’s like City of Heroes, Valiance Online is a hero and villain-centric RPG that lets players customize a power set and choose their faction. Now ready for its first major..

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Releases on Steam

If you’re into finding new words or playing around with your vocabulary, you’re in luck since Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey has finally made its way onto Steam. Mixing Scrabble with an RPG, it promises to..

Interstellar Marines Update 15: Stealth Suppressed

The popular FPS, Interstellar Marines, that attempts to bring the best elements of Half-Life, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, and System Shock together, just got a little stealthier after the release of an update to its..

IGM Forum Finds: A Quiver of Crows

Shmup games like Assault Android Cactus and Wrack tend to feature inorganic creations, like robots, androids, and horrifying mechanical spiders. It’s rare to see any sort of shooter with an organic theme, let alone a twin-stick shooter. A..

IGM Interviews: Skyshine Games (BEDLAM)

IGM Interviews: Skyshine Games (BEDLAM)

The moment I saw the game BEDLAM, I was sold. It screamed inspiration from 80s comic books, films, and cult science fiction –  as an obsessive fan of all three things, I couldn’t ignore it...
IGM Interviews: Daniel Dez (OBEY)

IGM Interviews: Daniel Dez (OBEY)

A bunch of bunnies vying for control over a mechanized, imposing turret, which in turn lets them impose their will over their brethren — if there’s even been a playground for complex, underlying psychological manipulation,..