The Mean Greens review

The Mean Greens Review: Little Men, Big War

  When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was to take plastic army men and...


Explore a Post-Apocalyptic World in UnderRail

Imagine living and never being able to see the sun; forced to live underground in tunnels...

Tokyo Wars

#LD34 Quick Picks: Wildly Growing, Tokyo Wars, And Chop Chop

Over the next few weeks I’ll be going through the thousands of games that were...

The Isle

Cannibals, Dinosaurs, and Mercenaries Are Aplenty in The Isle

As I circulated through queues of Steam games to get my holiday Steam trading cards...


Acorn Assault gameplay

Fight for Liberté, Égalité, Squireleté in Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution

There is a little-known fact about squirrel society: they are ruled by a cruel monarchy that oppresses the common squirrel. It’s true! In fact, years of being forced...

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TheShipRemasted 2016-02-13 20-49-14-88

The Ship: Remasted Preview: Ghost Ship

[Editor’s Note: Blazing Griffin has delayed the release of The Ship: Remasted to February 22nd to address some of the aspects discussed below. Primarily online...

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forts logo

Build, Protect, and Destroy in Forts

To build something, and to have it stand the test of time, is a great accomplishment. However, destroying things is much more fun. This is the core concept of EarthWork...

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Mandagon Is A Little Game About A Little Stone Totem

While Blind Sky Studios puts the finishing touches on their second full game release, { adam }, a little side project has emerged in their spare time. Mandagon is a...

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fortified review

Fortified Review: Rocket Defense

The golden age of science fiction swept across the world in the 1950s. Many of the sci-fi franchises we know and love today have their roots based in ’50s...

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Every Saturday be sure to check the #ScreenshotSaturday tag on Twitter for a great behind-the-scenes look at a ton of indie games currently in development. Here are a...

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A Grand Adventure Awaits in Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim

We covered Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim in it’s early stages of development back in 2013. After an entire Viking village of Borja vanishes, a young boy by the name...

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Defragmented preview

Hands-on With ’80s Cyberpunk Shooter Defragmented

I am a huge fan of 1980s-based scifi. Something about that particular brand of synth music, over the top gore, and ridiculous science fiction premises just fills me with...

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7 Mages Logo

Who Needs 7 Samurai When You Have 7 Mages?

Napoleon Games seems to be doing a twist on the iconic Kurosawa film Seven Samurai with their new game 7 Mages. Players take the role of a mage who has been hired by a...

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Caromble! Chapter 2 Update Breaks More Bricks

  Crimson Owl Studios have been working on their own vision of what the classic brick breaker game Arkanoid would look like with today’s modern graphics....

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