LethalTactics 2016-02-02 14-01-39-02

Lethal Tactics Preview: A Turn Based Titan

Lethal Tactics is a game developed by SkyBox Labs who previously worked on the modern expansions and remasters of the Age Of Empires/Mythology series. So it only makes...

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Dinocide review

Dinocide Review: Prehistoric Pixels

I love platformers and I love dinosaurs, but that combination didn’t work well together in Dinocide, a new PC platformer from AtomicTorch Studio. Dinocide stars...

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321 grenades

Throw Grenades At Your Friends in 3..2..1..Grenades!

From time to time we have all wanted to throw something at our friends. Whether our friends are annoying us by nitpicking our strategy in a video game or talking during...

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Fallout-inspired PipSpin Now On iOS And Android

PipSpin is a new minimalistic puzzler from Matthew Burton. Created with very basic visuals and relying on just one simple mechanic, PipSpin looks to do a lot with a...

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Screenshot Saturday

#ScreenshotSaturday Spotlight, Weekend of January 30th 2015

Every Saturday be sure to check the #ScreenshotSaturday tag on Twitter for a great behind-the-scenes look at a ton of indie games currently in development. Here are a...

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Crashlands Review

Crashlands Review: As Sweet As A Bacon Flower

It was at some point as I pranced around the rocky fields of an alien planet, picking bacon flowers, that I realized what a fun little game Crashlands turned out to be....

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Dujanah is an Islamic-infused Adventure That Everyone Will Be Talking About

How does the idea of revenge manifest itself within someone? Is it from a desire to seek justice? Or is it from something more basic, something primal; does it come from...

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Timing Hero

Quick-Play RPG Timing Hero Releases Worldwide

Timing Hero is a brand new mobile game from Buff Studio, who you may remember as the developer behind the RPG runner Buff Knight (Android, iOS, Steam). Where as their...

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New Visual Novel The Next World Launches Next Month

Next month Illuminated Games is looking to release their latest game, The Next World, a visual novel strategy mashup similar to The Banner Saga and Oregon Trail. Taking...

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Super Phantom Cat Logo

The Meowgical World of Super Phantom Cat

Scientists have long tried to understand the world of cats. They’re mysterious creatures who never share their knowledge with us. However, thanks to developer Veeow...

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