Firewatch Review

Firewatch Review: A Brushfire Experience

Firewatch was one of the games that left a lasting impression on me from last summer’s E3 event. I remembered the game for it’s gorgeous vistas, the lush...

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Bounty Train logo

All Aboard Bounty Train’s Newest Content Update

Corbie Games has a slightly different take on the Old West, different from the usual cowboys and Indians. In Bounty Train players venture forth to conquer untamed lands...

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KIM logo

Take to the Streets in 19th Century India in Kim

Developer The Secret Games Company’s newest game, Kim, brings players into the world of Nobel Prize-winning author Rudyard Kipling. Set during the 1880s in...

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City of the Shroud logo

It’s a Communal Effort in City of the Shroud

A community, theoretically, brings us together and makes us better as a whole; but it isn’t perfect. Humans can be swayed by their emotions; what may once start out as...

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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Is Quite Quaint and Coming This Month

Stardew Valley somehow went unnoticed by me until earlier today when a friend linked me the trailer and said, “Hey man, this looks like something up your...

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Screenshot Saturday

#ScreenshotSaturday Spotlight, Weekend of February 6th 2016

Every Saturday be sure to check the #ScreenshotSaturday tag on Twitter for a great behind-the-scenes look at a ton of indie games currently in development. Here are a...

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Sorcery Now Available for PC Players to Choose An Adventure

Since the days of Zork, the interactive fiction genre has changed pretty massively. We have systems like Twine to allow an accessible way for anyone to tell their...

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LethalTactics 2016-02-02 14-01-39-02

Lethal Tactics Preview: A Turn Based Titan

Lethal Tactics is a game developed by SkyBox Labs who previously worked on the modern expansions and remasters of the Age Of Empires/Mythology series. So it only makes...

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Dinocide review

Dinocide Review: Prehistoric Pixels

I love platformers and I love dinosaurs, but that combination didn’t work well together in Dinocide, a new PC platformer from AtomicTorch Studio. Dinocide stars...

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321 grenades

Throw Grenades At Your Friends in 3..2..1..Grenades!

From time to time we have all wanted to throw something at our friends. Whether our friends are annoying us by nitpicking our strategy in a video game or talking during...

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