Escape from a Beautiful, Accursed Island in Rime

A strange and beautiful island that hides a sinister secret is the setting for Rime, an upcoming third-person adventure platformer that is being developed by Tequila Works. Rime follows the journey of a young boy who must use both..

Containment Protocol Breaches Greenlight

I am used to breaking into facilities in games – hacking terminals and finding keys on my own. Containment Protocol does involve that behavior, but from a distance. Your character isn’t actually in the facility..

Lead Mercenaries to War in Cold Contract

War is random, cold, unpredictable, and cruel. Those themes are represented in Cold Contract, a tactical solider game with a mix of turn-based and real-time strategy elements. Abandoned by a comrade in your hour of need,..

The Foolish Brave Comes to Kickstarter Seeking Aid

When the Island of Neria begins to rot away, the inhabitants find themselves waist-deep in hardship. With food supplies depleted, the island is becoming uninhabitable. However, in the deepest part of the forest, it seems as..

Average Giants Episode 43 pt 1 – Windward

Average Giants Episode 43 pt 1 – Windward

IGM Presents… The Average Giants! A weekly webseries where we play indie games while chatting with their developers. Come watch (and “follow”) the show live on our hitbox channel every Monday night at 9:00pm EDT...
IGM Interviews: Skyshine Games (BEDLAM)

IGM Interviews: Skyshine Games (BEDLAM)

The moment I saw the game BEDLAM, I was sold. It screamed inspiration from 80s comic books, films, and cult science fiction –  as an obsessive fan of all three things, I couldn’t ignore it...