Claim Back What Was Once Yours In Gavin’s Quest

Below Zero Games has released it’s hack-and-slash adventure, Gavin’s Quest. You play as Gavin, a dwarf who must face his past and reclaim the home that once belonged to him and his people. Worshipped by the..

Shelter 2 Offers Shelter from the Storm

The last we heard of Shelter 2 was back in May, when Swedish studio Might and Delight first revealed the emotionally inspiring sequel to the meditative badger adventure Shelter. Players will have the chance to walk in..

IGM Interviews – Laura Shigihara (Rakuen)

IGM Interviews – Laura Shigihara (Rakuen)

Friday night already? I guess it’s time for another installment of IGM Interviews! This week, we’re featuring Laura Shigihara, a composer known for working on projects such as Plants vs. Zombies and, for the WoW fans..