Tanki Online at Gamescom, Major Update Coming in 2015

AlternativaPlatform, a Russian developer, brought its popular browser game Tanki Online to an open booth at this year’s Gamescom. Over 2,500 players participated in several tournaments and tried out a new map, “Cologne.” The developers..

The Battle of Next Century Takes Place Tonight!

Are you ready for a pulse-pounding, eSport competition that will literally rock you into the future? You better be, because tonight at 7pm EST, a handful of IGM staffers will be taking on Spearhead Games..

Fallen: A2P Protocol Kickstarter Deserves Your Attention

Argentina-based developer Red Katana recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming, turn-based, tactical combat, and strategy game, Fallen: A2P Protocol. The title is set within an apocalyptic world, with inspiration being pulled from other..

Happy Birthday! Glow Puzzle Turns Four

In August of 2010, Malaysian developer Nexx Studio released Glow Puzzle, a shimmering take on connect-the-dots for iOS devices. The fourth mobile app created by the developer, it shattered expectations. With more than one million downloads within its..

IGM Interviews – Will Dubé (Jotun)

IGM Interviews – Will Dubé (Jotun)

Before we begin, since we’re going to be delving into Norse mythology while discussing Jotun, and may inevitably mention the names Thor or Loki at some point, I’m going to give the ladies- and a few..