Fantasy Breaker Brings a Revamped Classic to Mobile

We have seen many iterations of the definitive Atari classic, Breakout, that created a sub-genre of its own. Now, for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 8, we have Fantasy Breaker, a destructive block-breaking game where you’ll..

Tea Firm: Replanted – Making Tea, Making Money

Manitoba Games recently announced the upcoming release of their sophomore game, Tea Firm: Replanted. This is a new version of their tea growing game that follows the most recent re-launch of the indie development studios debut..

IGM Interviews: Daniel Dez (OBEY)

IGM Interviews: Daniel Dez (OBEY)

A bunch of bunnies vying for control over a mechanized, imposing turret, which in turn lets them impose their will over their brethren — if there’s even been a playground for complex, underlying psychological manipulation,..