Arc Runner – Unique Tile Game

Arc Runner is an upcoming, unique tilt game developed by a team of only two developers. It promises to test the limits of a player’s balance and skill with an initial 20 levels, with more..

Bacon Man – The Tastiest Pork Product

It is a widely known fact that everyone loves bacon, and any “evidence” to the “contrary” is easily dismissed as bacon discrimination. The truth is that bacon transcends us all; its crispy, salty goodness leading..

Push Me Pull You: Co-op physics meets sumo soccer

If you can successfully watch the alpha gameplay trailer for Push Me Pull You without either laughing hysterically or squirming in abject horror, then you have my sincere congratulations. Folks, forget your burning desire of becoming a contortionist and/or joining the cast..

IGM Interviews – Lisa Brown (Insomniac Games)

IGM Interviews – Lisa Brown (Insomniac Games)

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Say what??? Insomniac’s not indie! Those are the people who make Resistance and Ratchet & Clank for crying out loud!” And while, yes, Insomniac is responsible for developing big budget..