Biblioteca Review – This Dull House

There have been many really great narrative/puzzle-based horror games made with RPG Maker. Yume Nikki, Ib, and The Witch’s House have all surprised players with how frightening they can be despite simple graphics and interfaces,..

The NotAGame Collection Gives Back for the Holidays

In time with the holiday spirit, Simon David announced that the NotAGame Collection would become a fully-for-charity effort, in which all of the album’s profits would be donated to the Child’s Play Charity. Up until..

Apoc-X 1.7 Available in the App Store

Here’s one for the iOS kids (actually you have to be 17 or older to download), a radial gauntlet shooter with simple map layout, clean graphics, and addictive gameplay. It’s got all the mobile shooter..

Don’t Let Disorder Make You Mental

“You are human, and you have a very human problem.” — Matt McConnell, Swagabyte Games It’s a good way to tell people, fairly quickly, what Disorder is about. It’s a puzzle-platformer that seeks to explore mental..

Gladiator Combat Goes Mobile with Colosseum Clash

Artificial Insanity is bringing all out, crazy, hectic, chaotic battles right to the hands of gamers in their new IP, Colosseum Clash. The title takes a more G-rated approach to Gladiator-style battles with their cute,..

LISA Review – Endless Sacrifice

I gave up my left arm to keep a party member alive, permanently losing the ability to use half of my attacks. That same party member, along with three others, ended up losing his life..

The Hive Comes to Mac/Linux, Adds Expansion

Skydome Entertainment’s The Hive has received quite an update, with a swarm of features added to the game while still in it’s Early Access metamorphosis. Included in the patch 0.02 announcement are: An expansion entitled..

IGM Interviews: Skyshine Games (BEDLAM)

IGM Interviews: Skyshine Games (BEDLAM)

The moment I saw the game BEDLAM, I was sold. It screamed inspiration from 80s comic books, films, and cult science fiction –  as an obsessive fan of all three things, I couldn’t ignore it...
IGM Interviews: Daniel Dez (OBEY)

IGM Interviews: Daniel Dez (OBEY)

A bunch of bunnies vying for control over a mechanized, imposing turret, which in turn lets them impose their will over their brethren — if there’s even been a playground for complex, underlying psychological manipulation,..