Knee Deep logo

All the World’s a Stage in Knee Deep

When it comes to Prologue Games’ Knee Deep, Shakespeare’s quote “All the...

Cold Vengeance

Save the President from the Evil Clutches of Canada in Cold Vengeance

For those fortunate enough to live through the 80’s and 90’s, a fond recollection of...

Feed and Grow Fish

There’s always a bigger fish in Feed and Grow: Fish

Growing up with a fish tank in my house, I often sat and watched the fish swim around...

Jet Set Knights

Jet Set Knights Releases on Steam Early Access

Jet Set Knights is a retro-styled indie game that promises a challenging mash-up of tower...


Neon Chrome logo

Bring Death Under the Neon Lights in Neon Chrome

To see the future in neon light, that’d be something pleasant. However, in 10tons Ltd’s newest top-down rogue-like shooter, Neon Chrome, it’s going to be a little...

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End the War to End all Wars in REDCON

Set in a future where the First World War never ended, humanity has all but forgotten what peace is, their memories only filled with the sights and sounds of war. But...

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Survive and Provide in Foxfolk

  One of the greatest pressures one could feel is being responsible for those around you. Now try to imagine being a fox when suddenly winter comes earlier and...

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Membrain icon2

Solve Puzzles How you See Fit in Membrain

Puzzle solving can be something of a serious frustration. A player may see a path to solve the problem but isn’t allowed to explore it due to the strict perimeters....

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Tank Brawl Logo

Unleash Armored Fury in Tank Brawl

Fighting with puny guns and fists is fun, sure, but what’s really fun is getting in several tons of hardened steel with a giant gun strapped to the top of it; now...

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Fear Effect Sedna logo

Fear Effect Sedna Launches on Kickstarter

It’s been over 10 years since the original Fear Effect hit the Playstation. Now French developer Sushee is launching a campaign to create a new entry into the series...

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Stygain logo

Salvation or Vendetta the Choice is Yours in Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones

Author H.P. Lovecraft explored the concept of worlds that lie beyond what we can see. Worlds that are filled with equal parts wonder and horror. Developer Cultic Games...

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WandWars logo

Get Your Broom and Blast Foes in Wand Wars

There’s nothing like a magic fight; witches, wizards, demons and magical beasts blasting one another with bolts of magic as they ride their brooms in an arena to find...

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TypeFighters Logo

Let your Typing do the Fighting in Typefighters

Listen, anyone could go about bare knuckle brawling chumps left and right. In today’s day and age, it’s something of a common practice. What’s not seen that much...

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PolyRace Review: Addictive and Frustrating Racing

PolyRace is a procedurally-generated racing game where you speed through intense terrain to the finish. You play through the game modes using a small handful of ships...

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