Containment Protocol Breaches Greenlight

I am used to breaking into facilities in games – hacking terminals and finding keys on my own. Containment Protocol does involve that behavior, but from a distance. Your character isn’t actually in the facility..

Lead Mercenaries to War in Cold Contract

War is random, cold, unpredictable, and cruel. Those themes are represented in Cold Contract, a tactical solider game with a mix of turn-based and real-time strategy elements. Abandoned by a comrade in your hour of need,..

The Foolish Brave Comes to Kickstarter Seeking Aid

When the Island of Neria begins to rot away, the inhabitants find themselves waist-deep in hardship. With food supplies depleted, the island is becoming uninhabitable. However, in the deepest part of the forest, it seems as..

IGM Forum Finds: OWSP Imagines Disaster Survival

Sometimes, while looking through the IGM Forums, I find unfinished projects that look really interesting; this was the case with Ama’s Lullaby. Though today’s spotlight, OWSP (Open World Survival Project), is in Russian, that doesn’t take away from the..

Melbourne Global Game Jam 2015: That’s A Wrap!

The scorching Melbourne weather was not enough to weaken the spirit of enthusiasm on display at the Melbourne Global Game Jam, which took place from Friday, January 23 to Sunday the 25th at Swinburne University. A total of 206..

Average Giants Episode 43 pt 1 – Windward

Average Giants Episode 43 pt 1 – Windward

IGM Presents… The Average Giants! A weekly webseries where we play indie games while chatting with their developers. Come watch (and “follow”) the show live on our hitbox channel every Monday night at 9:00pm EDT...
IGM Interviews: Skyshine Games (BEDLAM)

IGM Interviews: Skyshine Games (BEDLAM)

The moment I saw the game BEDLAM, I was sold. It screamed inspiration from 80s comic books, films, and cult science fiction –  as an obsessive fan of all three things, I couldn’t ignore it...