New Book Teaches Unity 2D Principles

You love games. Don’t deny it. It’s okay. We love games too. Some of you (some of us, too), might even love games enough that you want to build your dream game. The eternal problem..

Randal’s Monday – A Love Letter to Geekdom

Nexus Game Studios presents it’s debut title, Randal’s Monday - a traditional point-and-click adventure game, that is the biggest love letter to not only the point-and-click genre, but to pop culture. Period. You play as..

Dicetiny – Roll Your Fate On The Board

Fakedice has announced the development and eventual release of their game Dicetiny, a fantasy-based RPG and PC board game. Inspired by board games like Monopoly, the game will also incorporate features and mechanics from card..

IGM Interviews – Will Dubé (Jotun)

IGM Interviews – Will Dubé (Jotun)

Before we begin, since we’re going to be delving into Norse mythology while discussing Jotun, and may inevitably mention the names Thor or Loki at some point, I’m going to give the ladies- and a few..