IGM Forum Finds: Quadrant – Got Rhythm?

Rhythm-based puzzle games have had a place in gaming for quite a while. From Dance Dance Revolution on PS2 to recent star Crypt of the Necrodancer, time has shown that these types of games will always have an..

Sanctus Merges Manga and RPGs

The upcoming Western JRPG, Sanctus, is now on Kickstarter, where developer L & L Partners plans to fund this manga-style RPG. The game is unique in its presentation style and accompanying level up system. The..

Insanity’s Blade Makes the Leap to Steam

Despite a few issues that I brought up in my review, I really enjoyed playing Insanity’s Blade. Those issues haven’t been ignored by Causal Bit Games, and the developer has already been hard at work..

Children of Morta Offers Rogue-Like Action

Already stirring up the scene with its lovable pixel art style and exciting gameplay concept is Children of Morta, a Rogue-like RPG. On Mount Morta, a corrupt god in a fit of rage has cursed..

Twixel – Two Pixels, More Problems

Taking a page from such immortal classics as The Impossible Game, Super Hexagon, and any other game likely to make you break something, Twixel puts you in control of two cubes simultaneously and asks you to avoid death..

IGM Interviews: Skyshine Games (BEDLAM)

IGM Interviews: Skyshine Games (BEDLAM)

The moment I saw the game BEDLAM, I was sold. It screamed inspiration from 80s comic books, films, and cult science fiction –  as an obsessive fan of all three things, I couldn’t ignore it...
IGM Interviews: Daniel Dez (OBEY)

IGM Interviews: Daniel Dez (OBEY)

A bunch of bunnies vying for control over a mechanized, imposing turret, which in turn lets them impose their will over their brethren — if there’s even been a playground for complex, underlying psychological manipulation,..